Shit sorry this was fucking ages ago. I’ve been slack.

It was day 2 of Bugged Out festival. We woke up worse for wears, but it was all ok. For we had snuck some massive speakers into our rooms, so we could get on the beers while we smashed out some house. But the one thing that was keeping us going. The one thing that spurred us all on. Was the promise of the pool party.

Slides. Rapids. Waves. And more importantly, a DJ.

We all got suitably drunk and rushed down to the pool, throwing on our swimming gear and running into the cool chlorinated water. First target was the slides, causing as much mischief as possible. Then the rubber ring rapids. Where I managed to get told off on a number of occasions. Who would have thought rubber rings had so many rules!?

Then when the DJ kicked off we bounded into the pool, jumped in the waves, and caused as much destruction with inflatables as possible. Somehow a person who actually worked for Bugged Out had thought it sensible to put a massive inflatable block of death in the pool with everyone. It was a huge solid rectangular thing, the size of a man. And as I’m sure you can imagine the horde of drunken people in the pool found various ways to use it as a weapon.

We would fight as hard as we could for it. Launch it into the air on as rocket-like a projectile as possible. Then watch as it crashed down onto an unsuspecting stranger below. While it was hilarious to watch it land on a stranger, the most entertainment came when it landed on one of our group, blissfully aware, looking into the distance. BOSH. Right on the bonce!

But alas at some point it was over. I finished my hipflask, which I’d found bobbing around in the water from time to time. We dried off. And we went back to the apartments. Where the drinking ensued.

While the mayhem got started we snuck off and watched a surprise guest, who was a bit shit. So instead we stole a trolley and went on a rolling rampage with everyone on it. Sadly it ended in disaster when we totally lost control, cascaded down a hill, and spilled out onto the floor at the feet of a security guard. He was not impressed.


When we returned to the apartments things were getting interesting. Matt had a dolphin on his head. Which meant the night had properly begun.



This was a sign we must leave the apartments. Which is also a sign that my memory would start to get blurry.

Obviously one thing I’ll never forget is Jake taking a shit in the sink. That is one moment that will forever be burned into my psyche. Like napalm. Hot, burning napalm.





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